How to get platinum blonde from dark brown/black hair.

This is a magical guide of how I got from my dark hair to platinum blonde. Yaaaaay! 8D

Step 1. Buying the Bleach

You will need to buy two things: bleach powder and developer. When you buy bleach powder, it comes in 1oz. packages and in 16oz. tubs. I advise you get a 16oz. tub because getting from dark hair to blonde takes a lot of bleach (plus, there’s root touch ups you’ll have to do), so it’ll be worth it in the long run. There are different kinds of powder, I’ve seen blue, purple and the regular white kind. I’ve used both blue and white, but I didn’t see a difference.
The bleach powder I bought is Wella Wellite Powder Lightener.
As for developer, the best choice for dark hair is 30 volume developer. 20 being too weak and 40 being too strong. I’ve used Clairol Professional Pure White 30 Volume Creme Developer and Hair Alive Cream Oxifix Creme 30; both are good. Just make sure you get a cream developer because the liquid kind is too watery.

Step 2. Preparing for Bleaching

Prior to bleaching your hair, you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least one day before the day you are going to bleach your hair. The oils from your hair will protect your scalp so the bleach won’t burn your head (though, I’ve never experienced burning, only itchiness).
Bleaching really damages your hair, so it’s also recommended you stop using straighteners, curlers, blowdryers, etc. and to keep your hair as healthy as can be a week or two in advance to the bleaching day.

Step 3. Mixing the Bleach

On the day you choose to bleach your hair, you have to mix the bleach in a plastic container. It CAN’T be metal because the bleach reacts with metal, apparently (and on that note, take out any metal earrings you have, just to be safe). The ratio of bleach powder to developer is 1:1 and the consistency should be that of yogurt. Make sure you mix well, so there are no lumps in the mix.

Step 4. Bleaching Your Hair

Once you’ve mixed the bleach, it’s time to apply it to your hair. You should be wearing clothes that you don’t really care about, your hair should be sectioned for easier application and you should be wearing plastic gloves (bleach irritates the skin). Start generously applying the bleach to your hair, avoiding the one inch of hair closest to your head. Bleach works faster when there’s warmth, so if you apply from root to tip all in one go, you will end up with lighter roots and darker ends because of the heat coming from your head. Try to apply evenly, making sure each strand get covered with bleach. If you don’t apply generously and evenly, the result will be uneven hair colour. Not fun at all.
After you apply to the ends of your hair, generously apply to the one inch of hair you avoided earlier.
After doing the one inch, I like to take the bleach I have left and rub it all over my hair with my hands. I find this makes things more even.

Step 5. Removing the Bleach

After leaving the bleach in for about 30 - 45 minutes, remove the bleach from your hair, by washing it out with water, then follow up with shampoo (a moisturizing one would be best). After shampooing, use a conditioner for damaged hair, since your hair will be damaged from the bleach.

Step 6. Bleaching Again

Since your hair won’t be blonde from just bleaching once, you’ll need to bleach again. Bleaching again should be at least one week after the previous time you bleached; your hair needs time to heal itself. During that week, condition your hair and use treatments for damaged hair (such as deep conditioning treatments). Get your hair as healthy as can be before you bleach it again.
After a week has passed, bleach again, using steps 2 to 5. Keep bleaching in one week intervals until your hair becomes a pale yellow colour (a little more yellow than the inside of a banana peel).

Step 7. Toning Your Hair

In order to get rid of the yellowness, you need to use a toner. You will need a purple toner to cancel out yellow tones. A lot of people use Wella Color Charm T18 White Lady; simply follow the instructions given with the toner. However, if you are like me and unable to find toner, you can just keep bleaching your hair week after week until the yellow is gone (this is really damaging, but I had no other choice).

And now you’re done! Yay! I hope this was helpful~